Michelle Khare

Michelle Khare is an extreme life enthusiast, actress, YouTuber, and national champion road cyclist. She is best known for accepting any challenge, whether it's learning to swing and fight like Spider-Man, running a marathon with only ten weeks of training, or exercising and dieting like a Victoria’s Secret model. With over one million followers across all platforms, Michelle loves encouraging her audience to go after their goals and conquer their fears, in both scripted and reality-style content. A former producer and talent for BuzzFeed Video, Google intern, and Dartmouth College alum, Michelle excels not only in front of the camera as talent but also behind camera as a producer. Alongside her MK channel team, she is capable of executing anything from complex fight scenes to long-term (multi-month) unscripted projects, handling pre-production, filming, and post-production. Known for her genuine, detailed storytelling, Michelle will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired to kick ass.

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