Kyle Exum

Kyle Exum is a YouTuber from West Hartford, CT. He started making comedy skits at the age of 9 initially to entertain his little brother before beginning to post publicly on Vine. By age 17, he had built up a following of over 650,000 followers through his 6-second comedy raps and relatable comedy skits. From there, he moved to YouTube and began creating full-length comedy skits, his first being “The Mom Rap.” In the past 2 years, he has built his YouTube channel to over 1,000,000 subscribers with just 49 videos. Outside of YouTube, Kyle is an honors student in the executive business leadership program at Howard University as a marketing major. In addition, he is a mentor for students aspiring to launch their own businesses. He is planning to be a full-time entrepreneur after college and is currently working on writing his first comedy album and children’s book.

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