Nicholas Amyoony (NickEh30)

Nick Amyoony, known to his fans as “Nick Eh 30,” is a top Fortnite Pro with over 2,000 wins. He has emerged as one of the premiere builders in the game, being nicknamed “The Edit God.” His skills have been showcased in multiple tournaments, his most recent showing being the Epic Games Fall Skirmish Series. Nick is not only a strong competitor, but a knowledgeable teacher, having shout-casted week five of the Summer Skirmish series and offering insight into his gameplay on stream, Nick aims to make everyone a Fortnite master. Nick is known amongst his fans for his positive community, family friendly stream, optimism and good sportsmanship. When he’s not playing Fortnite, Nick enjoys spending time working out and staying active. Nick currently resides in Nova Scotia, Canada with his family.